Peritoneum Cancer with Stage IV Gallbladder Cancer - Treatment Started Today

Hi all: I've started a new discussion topic as the three gallbladder cancer ones are getting long. I started treatment for peritoneum cancerous nodules following gallbladder cancer. The oncologist is trying the chemotherapy used with colon cancer so I'm also posting there. Apparently the combination of oxaliplatin, irenotecan, and 5FU has been somewhat successful in treatment spread of colon cancer to the peritoneum. I had the first treatment today. It is certainly more aggressive than cisplatin/gemiticibine that I had starting in Sept 2010. And long - 5 hrs and then you have to wear a chemo pump for 46 hrs (which is awkward but not painful). The most severe effect I have already is body joint pain - I already have arthritis so it intensifies that. Also headache and tingling fingers and arms. Oh, and cold sensitivity as I found out when I accidentally touched an ice pack - like a jolt if you were to put your finger into an electrical socket! I see why they give you gloves.
I'll keep you posted if any of you want to try this treatment. It is expensive though, at least for me as oxaliplatin isn't covered in Ontario and you also have to pay for chair time if it is private pay.