Tracelectomy for cervical Cancer- bleeding with intercourse 4 years later...anyone else?

I had a Trachelectomy for Invasive Cervical Adenocarcinoma 4 years ago and have been cancer free! The surgery was a success in general, however, I have recetnly begun to bleed during intercourse. My oncologist did tests- no sign of cancer and the cerclage is in place and not eroding- she said I have granulation tissue/ scar tissue that is bleeding- in one specific spot. She did cauterization 2x and it didn't solve the issue and she was very insensitive and said either I deal with the bleeding or I have a hysterectomy. I am now 37, ended a long term relationship and have begun dating again. I do not have kids and want that option. The two options she said, either bleed or have the hysterectomy, are not options in my opinion. Having bleeding everytime you have intercourse is not good in starting new relationships- then dealing with having to explain the whole cancer thing as well- there are so many reasons it is so difficult. Has anyone else ever had this bleeding and has anyone found other options/ alternatives that have helped?


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    I also had cervical cancer
    I also had cervical cancer and am just now starting on the road to recovery from all of the chemo external radiation and internal radiation. I am bleeding too, but my doctor said I'm just very irritated from the radiation and hopefully in 4 to 6 weeks it will subside. I am only 31 and am wondering if you had radiation because I saw that you mentioned children and my doctor told me that due to the radiation my ovaries are now non functioning and I will basically experience menopause this freaked me out a little because my dr. did not mentionthis to me until a few days ago and I started radiation the first week of May. I might have refused the radiation all together in the beginning if I would have known all of this. I mean, I am too young to go through menopause. I hope everything works out for you. I know how difficult all the bleeding can be. I'm married and my husband is a little put off by it!! Good luck with everything!!