Dry mouth sore throat

I am having a problem with dry mouth and sore throat. I have tryed biotene dry mouth spray it works for a little while but I need something that will last several hours. If I go to the store by the time I get inside I am looking for water and at night I spray my mouth before I go to bed and I have to get several times a night to get water or spray so I cain't sleep. I hate to go around all the time with a bottle of water or spray in my hand. I have looked on the internet and seen products that said 8 hours relief. Is there any thing that works long lasting and where can I buy it.



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    I have looked of many years for something that works per your needs and have tried everything I see and heard about. The best one I have found is called Stoppers4, it can not be found in stores anymore. I buy it on line at http://www.jocottbrands.com/cart.php?m=product_detail&p=85&c. I know there is nothing I have found that does what your looking for.

    For me the problems you have I have and now call part of my New Normal. After 15 years of spray, drugs, salve, bottles of water it has come down to me having on my self water and paper towel it the way of life.

    Wish I had a answer, if you find the gem that works please pass on to everyone.

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    about nine months past treatment
    My husband is about nine months past treatment and he takes a water bottle everywhere he goes.

    He uses Biotene mouthrinse and has the spray, also, and keeps a glass of water on his nightstand, although having a humidifier in the bedroom helps tremendously.
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    some things help
    Hi Robert,
    I get your problem. I'm 5 months past treatment now and still have dry mouth. Sometimes worse than others. I keep a few refillable stainless steel bottles in my truck to use when I'm out and always have a glass of green tea or water at home. I also use a xylitol based gum that works pretty well when I'm out. At night I use Biotene gel and a cold air humidifier. It has improved as I've got further away from treatment but it still is not like it used to be. Some nights I don't need the gel but will still take a sip of water now and then. It bothers me when I let it but most of the time I just sip water all day and don't notice. I hope yours improves as you go along. Perhaps some day there will be a permanent solution for this problem that most of us have. Until then; keep that water bottle close.

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    I resemble these remarks...
    One year out from treatment as of yesterday, Yay! However, I have dry mouth issues, and very little saliva. I can chew biotene gum during the day, and it limits the amount of water I need to sip, but I do need to carry a water bottle with me everywhere still. Sleeping still sucks. I use the biotene rinse, the biotene spray and the biotene gel. I have a glass of water at the bedside. I typically wake up some four to five times a night with my mouth and throat scary dry. I drink and swish, and reapply the spray, then go back to sleep.

    Dark smudges under my eyes... part of my new normal. Kind of like having a newborn in the house. Permanently.

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    The only thing that I heard of that worked on some was trying Accupuncture treatments. I tried it for a period of time and it didn't work for me. I know of another person that it worked after 2 treatments and he still has saliva. He doesn't need to carry a bottle of water around like we do. He does keep a glass of water on his night stand in the event he becomes dry while sleeping, but not like he used to.

    He does allot of public speaking and it was very important to him to be able to talk for a fair amount of time without sipping water. He was the one that made me think about trying it as he had such good results.

    I was lucky as my insurance actually paid for my treatments, many insurance companies won't.

    My Best to You and Everyone Here
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    Honestly, I've just gotten used to carrying water with me 24/7. It's actually good for you. Unfortunately overnights can be tough.

    Good luck!

    Be well.
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    Honestly, I've just gotten used to carrying water with me 24/7. It's actually good for you. Unfortunately overnights can be tough.

    Good luck!

    Be well.

    I haven't found a good solution either.
    I am missing my left salivary gland completely, came out with the neck dissection, and of course my right one was fried to a toasty golden brown with rads. :(

    I use all the Bioteine products, and at night I use their Oral Balance Gel. I like GC Dry Mouth Gel, which I used to get from my dentist, but he doesn't have it anymore. When I'm done with my case of Oral Balance gel, I am going to order the Stoppers to see how that is.

    I hardly sleep. I'm up constantly. I don't even dream anymore. I don't sleep for a long enough period to get to REM sleep. It's terrible. I'm always exhausted.

    I struggle during the day too. Constantly spraying in product, contantly drinking and forget about talking. Brings on bouts of uncontrollable coughing, and my eyes tearing as I'm coughing like a lunatic. Lips sticking to my teeth. Good times....
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    That dry mouth.
    Mix 1/4 teaspoon of bi carbonate of soda with 1/2 pint of water and use it to gargle with,it coats your mouth and soothes,I stopped using it about 6 months ago,just use the biotene toothpaste now,my radiation stopped last june 2010.