Thanks to everyone that commented on my post =)

Thanks everyone that commented on my post. I have been to the University of Michigan ENT's office which is said to be the best in the state. The Doc. Looked at my tonsil and said that there wasnt anything to worry about but, honestly all things point toward the other direction. The nodes, the buldge on the tonsil (same side as node) and the node under my jaw bone.. Also same side as tonsil. The blood in my mouth! All these things to me seems like it would seen red flags to the docs and ENT. But they all just look ayt me like im silly. Yes I am sexually active and was told that I had HPV but that my body buried the virus and that It was no longer active. Tomorrow I have an appt. With my pc and will be strong in encouraging him o order a PET scan. I wont lie and say that Im not frighted about the results but I would like to do something about it if the results are not in my favor. Send positive vibes.=) as for all of you' my only hope is that I can be as strong as you all one day. much Love


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    Hi Girl

    A lot of times what we think is something bad is nothing at all but inflammation. Just take care and keep positive good luck on the PET scan.

    All the best to you
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    PET Cost
    I know you are worried and want the PET, which is a few thousand dollars. You might be hard pressed for your insurance to approve one based on the diagnosis of your MD's.

    Anyways, sorry for your anxiety and hoping you find some peace in your search for results.

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    That's what we're here for. Like John said; it might be difficult to get a PET. That is generally for people with diagnosed cancer. I would suggest starting with an MRI and a needle biopsy. Try not to go to worst case scenarios just yet. There's good reason to believe that it's something other than cancer. Let us know how it turns out.

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    Hi, My husband and I will be back in Michigan this Monday the 23th of May. We have been here in Fl the last 7 months. My husband found out that he had supergolttic cancer here about a week after we got here. I was just wanting to know the name of your ENT that you are going to at the University of Michigan. That is one doctor that we will have to follow up with the first thing when we get back. He has had all his treatments Rad and Cemo. He did the Pet Scan the tumor has gotten smaller, but is not all gone. His doctor said that he will have to have another Pet scan by August. It's really been a very long long scary thing to go through! Hope things go good for you! Any help or advice of the doctors there at UFM well help alot. Thanks so much