lumps from lung cancer????????????

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My mother in law has been diagnosed with lung cancer with some cancer travelled to her lymph nodes. She now has two lumps one below her right shoulderblade on her back. and the other 3 inches above her waist on her same side of her back. if anyone knows anything please let us know. she hasnt gone for a biopsy yet and we dont know what stage she is in or if she shold be going to the doctor before her biopsy.


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    How was she diagnosed? A biopsy and tests run by the pathologist will tell them what kind of cancer you are dealing with so the doctors can choose the right treatment for her. A PET scan is usually done to see if the cancer has spread in the body. Cancer that has spread to other sites from the primary spot is considered stage 4 cancer. It is usually treated with chemotherapy. Do not panic if you think this is what you are dealing with! Many folks at this discussion board have been treated for stage 4 cancer and are doing well. But it is important that a biopsy be done wo that the right chemo can be picked for this particular cancer.