help! need answers :)

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My sibling has a brain tumor (anaplastic astrocytoma...grade 3) he got whole brain radiation (it is not operable) and so radiation is not an option again. temodar by mouth was not working so he is now on a chemo cocktail through an IV once every 2 weeks for 6 weeks. my question is how long can someone live on chemo? can he keep getting it for his whole life? it seems to be working (wont have an MRI for a couple weeks) but i think i heard somewhere no one can just get chemo for their whole is a very strong type of chemo cocktail..about as strong as it comes. any answers?!


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    Is it...
    Is his chemo Avastin and Carboplatin?
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    No radiation?
    How much WBRT did he receive? haven't you tried asking the doctors for gamma knife surgery? what kind of chemo cocktail is he in? ask your doctors first if the chemo drugs are safe if administered after radiation as some chemo drugs can be harmful when given after Whole brain radiation