6 vs 12 treatments Folfox 5FU Oxal



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    Chelsea71 said:

    Hi Roddy,
    Welcome. Will you

    Hi Roddy,

    Welcome. Will you be getting a liver resection or RFA?


    G'day Chelsea

    Still early days as far as I am aware. Plan is to stay on the current treatment regime for now.



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    I went through all 12

    I went through all 12 treatments of Folfox .... I did havethey Oxy cut back 25% on the last 2 rounds.   I am just 2 weeks out from my last treatment... I feel a little fatigue and am trying to deal with the neuropathy.  My dr prescribed neuron tin to help with theneuropathy...hesaid giv it about a week to see if it is working.  The neuropathy is really bothering my hands...I can't open jars, button things, or handle a needle ... Cross stitch is my form of relaxation.  Hopefully the neuropathy will start to ease...it is too early to tell if this is permanent.