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Our Relay for Life hasn't sent me anything(first Friday and Saturday in June) . I was asked to model for a fashion show they had last year after the run.Now nothing in the mail.I will call them.

I have a new person who wants to join me and my husband.I met her over the phone(called to get her cat fixed) and she was fighting her third bout with BC. She said call me I want to walk.I'd love to get her involved. Maybe her husband too. She said he seems distant and she can't talk to him.

My husband and I had so much fun last year.We didn't stay overnight.He always has to work but we walked and walked.We were the last of the older people walking.The rest were in their teens and 20's.Once you start walking you can't stop.It is some kind of energy that just happens.I didn't think I would be able to do it(dx 10 months before)

Lynn Smith


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    I am surprised you haven't
    I am surprised you haven't heard anything from the Relay committee~ I am inundated with notices! I was in a Relay last month ( and will do another one in July) and it seems that every day I get an email telling me about some team fundraiser! There is probably a Relay coordinator in your area~ maybe you can contact her!

    That having been said~ it seems to me you will have a great tme, and be full of spirit and energy anyway! HOORAY!!! Very empowering, indeed! And how wonderful if you get your new friend to walk with you and your husband!

    Have a great time!!!