6 weeks post Davinci Hysterectomy, needed vaginal cuff revision

Hello all, I wondered if this had happened to anyone else. 6 weeks post hysterectomy, woke up one morning with fluid leaking, went back to the emergency room and was found to have a centimeter sized hole in vaginal cuff. The next day I was taken back to the O. R. to have it sewn back up. It seems this is a sometimes complication of the DaVinci because the tissues are cauterized. Anyway, now its sewn back up. They did say lymphadema could be the cause of this and that it may happen again. Hope and pray not. Im ready to get on with healing. This is my one week off from chemo. They may wait another week before restarting that.

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    Not quite

    I didn't have a hole, but my vaginal cuff was very slow at healing. I think it was 4 months before I was declared healed. My gyn/onc said it could be because of the cauterization used in DaVinci - or because I was undergoing chemotherapy and things often just don't heal as quickly when on chemo.

    Hope you don't have lymphedema and that you heal quickly and completely this time with stitches in place. Ouch.

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    It happens
    I had a similar experience in early February, 6 months after surgery. My Dr told me that I didn't heal properly due to chemo. The surgeon that did the repair told my husband it can sometimes indicate a recurrence of cancer, but fortunately that was not the case with me.
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    I have not heard of that but makes sense. I had an open procedure so no robotic used. I hope that the suture allows you to heal properly. May want to increase your protein intake to help tissues heal. Protein is critical to tissue healing.
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    I had the same problem,


    I had the same problem, but my onco said it was due to chemo. While you are having chemo everything takes a long time to heal.
    My doctor advised not to lift anything heavier than 10 pounds and to avoid extenuates physical activities.

    Take care!