Notes from Podcast: Follicular Lymphoma

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John, Please add to what I missed from today's Podcast: Update on Follicular Lymphoma
779 Participants on the tele-conference

Dr. Stephanie Gregory - Overview of FL
70,000 new cases/year
500k - 600k living with lymphoma, loose 20k/year
90% are B-Cell, 10% t-cell
Most common lymphomas is Follicular (low grade - indolent) can live for years.
3 different grades
Gr 1 - small cell
Gr 2 - small with few lg cell
Gr 3 - Lot of Lg cell, nodular pattern
3A - 3B

Transformation is no longer a death sentence.
bulking - golf ball size
may use R-CHOP or RICE to treat
chance of Transformation 3%/year

FL is now classified as a chronic disease. is considered diebetes or high blood pressure.

Staging - usually later due to symptoms
1 ?
2 neck & under arm
3 above and below spleen?
4 includes bone marrow (and liver, lung, bone) 60% of patients are Stage 4

? Gene Expression Profiles Research? I wrote this, but I don't remember what it is about. you'll understand as I'll blame Chemo brain.

No Specific Reason that causes Lymphoma
some factors are directly linked to Immune System
not viral infections
not bacterial infections
radiation, toxic, chemicals

Rituxan has prolonged life.

Ask your Oncologist "What is my Flipi Score? LDH and Hemoglobin are factors that determine the score. NoLASH (see my other post that I wrote after I googled Flipi)

Taking Charge of your own Disease? know more about chemo, more damage to good cells. know your options. ensure no harm done whenever possible. strive for Quality of Life.

Next Speaker: John Keggle??, Seattle spoke on clinical trials
Watch-n-wait is very common approach. Treating when time comes. which is enlarged lymph nodes.

If one node only, consider radiation targeted to that area (this is rare).

New in last 1-2 years: Bendamustine (Treanda) Chemo is always used with an antibody like Rituxan. Treanda is never used alone, always with another antibody.
Very effective together.
can be used for new First In Line treatment and relasp more than once.
Maintenance therapies are individualized to reach remission or keep in remission.

Stem Cell transplantss

Next Speaker: Brian Tomlinson - Research Foundation
$45 million for lymphomas
$7 mill to research FNHL
$2 mill for 2011
1-800-500-9976 or

Next Speaker: Rick, Social Worker at


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    Pod cast
    I was writing as fast as I could.This is what I came up with.
    At least 70,000 new cases per year of non-Hodgkins
    7o different types of Lymphoma
    Follicular is the 2nd most common type Lymphoma
    90% B-cell and 10% t-cell
    Low grade is the most common type
    Not important for early detection of Lymphoma
    There is no known cause for Lymphoma,not connected to virus,bacteria or radiation
    survival rate is only loosely predicted,stats only are used,
    we are individuals
    prognosis not matter with stage
    stage is only a marker used to show where it is in your body
    60%-to70% have bone marrow involvement
    because it is so slow growing(indolent) there is rarely any signs,unless a node is felt in the neck or groin area
    if you have to have cancer this would be the one of choice (YEA,RIGHT)
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    Thanks so much
    Thank you so much for the notes you took. It encourages me! I certainly didn't want this cancer but in my support group I wouldn't change places with anyone that had another kind. I will continue to eat well, exercise and thank God for everyday he gives me. Thanks Countrygirl and John:)