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I am doing very well Maggie...our magazine and related business has really taken off this year. I have been traveling for the past month and leave again tomorrow to go to Quilt Market (B2B show) in Salt Lake City.

I still have residue from chemo - bad memory, bad hips, etc. But I am not complaining. I know how lucky I am. And I have adapted to the ostomy very well. I still try not to fly (I get tired of being strip searched because of the bag) but drive everywhere. I am really seeing our country! I went from Denver to Paducah, KY to Kansas City to Salt Lake City, back to Denver and now back to SLC - all in four weeks! (Did I mention that I am TIRED? LOL!)

Hope all is well with you.

Many Hugs, VickiCO


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    thought about you often i am glad you are doing well u could be a truck driver if u want all that driving but that is awsome have a good day