FNHLPodcat: FLIPI Score and NoLASH

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At today's CancerCare Podcast, Dr Stephanie Gregory talked about our Flipi Score and NoLASH.
Flipi Follicular Lymphoma International Prognostic Index
NoLASH stands for the 5 factors that are used to measure: number of Nodal areas, LDH, Age, Stage, and Hemoglobin level.

this site has the Flipi calculator:

I don't know my number of Nodal areas, so I'm either Low Risk or Intermediate risk. The database is from 1985 to 1992, but yet Dr Gregory suggests we ask our Oncologist what our Flipi score is. will be interested conversation next time I see my Oncologist.

Flipi Score: This patient is considered low risk according to the FLIPI. Overall survival at 10 years is estimated to be 70%.