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I was in to see my Dr at the U of MI today- May 9. Everything looks neat and clean all the way up to the bladder. I just love those scopes!! the doctor paused at the sphincter and showed me mine in its relaxed position- slightly opened and then he and she (two docs) had me do a kegel so I could see how it looks shut. Expect no one can go around manually keeping their sphincter closed.

Also, since Sept 1 I have been recording the pad weigh faithfully and I am gradually leaking less. I reminded the doc that since having my prostate out in March 09 I have never had a day without pads since that terrible awful day.

So in 9 weeks- July 19- I go back to the U of MI and will be scoped one more time and if all is clear inside and I am still leaking she will give me a surgery date.

So more waiting....

that is all I have to report right now.


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    Good Luck Trew , wishing
    Good Luck Trew , wishing you the best

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    great news !! you have
    great news !! you have suffered long enough and it's about time you got a break. I'll be rooting for you ! Good luck and best wishes----Dan
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    well darn
    Do they think that a miracle is gonna happen in 6 weeks !!! O well after all this time I guess a couple more don't matter all that much but it sure seems to. All the best trew hope the wait ends soon.
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    Hi Trew, I was just
    Hi Trew, I was just wonedering about how you were doing this weekend! Sounds like you are on progress to getting back to the 'dry' group. I know that will be a huge relief to you.

    Lewvino (Larry)
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    lewvino said:

    Hi Trew, I was just
    Hi Trew, I was just wonedering about how you were doing this weekend! Sounds like you are on progress to getting back to the 'dry' group. I know that will be a huge relief to you.

    Lewvino (Larry)

    The best to you

    I cross my fingers that all goes OK with you.
    I hope for the day you report on your normality.

    Wishing you the best.
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    Good luck to you, I am wishing the best for you. You have suffered enough. Be sure to let us know July 19 how visit with doc went. I will be thinking about you.

    I think I have found something to lessen leakage. I asked my uro about trying Toviaz my last visit May 3 and it seems to be helping. I had been using Vesicare and it was not making much difference. So one week with Toviaz and I am averaging 3 pads during the day and light pad overnight. Previously I was averaging 4-5 3 pads during the day plus light pad overnight. So this is at least progress. Need to do kegels more and probably would help too. By the way got my PSA results...STILL ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!! (after 3 years and 2 mos)

    I don't think I have told you, but my mother passed away at age 89 on March 22. I am the only child so have been busy getting estate settled and going through probate court. Fortunately I have a good lawyer which eased some of the burden.

    Hang in there, it's not long before July 19.

    Wishing you the best of luck,

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    Worst Nightmare
    Gradually the amount of urine in my pads is decreasing. I am averaging 4- 9 oz a day and between 3- 6 pads. when i was at thelast appointment the doc told me that maybe a sling would work in my case. I told her I had not hear many positives about the sling and lots of negatives. My leaking is about where it was before radiation. since having my prostate out (oh how I miss that little thing!) I have not had a pad free day. Now 26 months out from surgery.

    This is my worst nightmare- that my leaking drops down to a level where the doc tells me, "thats not bad, you can live with that," and I end up leaking for the rest of my life.

    Best dream: I wake up some morning and the leaking is totally and completely stopped and I don't need hardware installed in my scrotum.