bladder; frequency

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I am one year and eight months post treatment. I have urinary urgency, fequency and seems like I have to push to urinate. I also seem to have chronic urethral irritation. I know it's post radiation stuff. Does anyone else have this?


  • mp327
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    Hi Alis!
    I really don't have any urinary urgency issues, although I'm sure my bladder capacity is not what it used to be. I go a little more often than before and once in awhile when I put it off too long, it's definitely urgent--but I think I bring that on myself. I notice once in awhile first thing in the morning, I have to push to get a stream started.
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    I have no urgency when it
    I have no urgency when it comes to that, but I never got up in the middle of the night to urinate and I have to now. So, things have also change for me after treatment, unfortunately.