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Two questions:

1. When I receive the biopsy slides, is it possible to examine them (for Gleason score) without a microscope? If not, what microscope is needed to be able to see the cells structure and evaluate Gleason score?

2. How much Gleason 3 and 4 are difference (in the eye)?
I want to know the possibility that the pathologist was wrong...

Thanks in advance!


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    I'm no expert in these but I
    I'm no expert in these but I know that reading these slides is very subjective and that getting a second opinion is the norm. Knowing that, I didn't think that I was the best person to be reviewing them - microscope or not - so my second urologist sent them out to Hopkins. First urologist read them as gleason 7 (3+4) but the second reading came back as gleason 7 (4+3) - same slides. Please do get a second opinion - no urologist I know takes it as a slight. In fact, many will recommend it on their own.
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    biopsy slides
    First determining gleason scores are very complicated, and need to be reviewed by fact there are some who specialize in this, and do a better job than other, a lay person are NOT qualified to review the slides.

    Also, the slides can be sent directly from the institution that has them to your choice for a second do not have to deal with them.