Chemo side effect question

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So I was wondering what type of side effects people had and if you tolerated chemo relatively good or bad? I am curious because I am in carboplatin/ taxol mx and I am taking chemo really well for the most part. I go once every 3 weeks for 6 rounds total. I have 3 down and 3 to go. I did devlope acne and got tired after chemo for the first three days and of course the hairloss all over except for eyebrows and lashes. However, I don't get nasaua or vomiting or extremly fatigued. So I was just curious about other people. I am somehow getting paranoid that the chemo isn't working because I feel good. Everone says it helps that I am 31, but I can't believe it would help all that much, but maybe I am wrong.

Any of your experiences would be helpful. Thanks teal sisters.


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    I had three rounds of carbo/taxol prior to surgery. I usually got sick on the third day and felt better about five days later. I mostly felt "icky." Kind of queasy, not much of an appetite, didn't want to drink anything and didn't feel like getting out of bed. But I wouldn't say I was horribly sick. I never got acne. I lost hair as you have. I would fully recuperate by the next chemo. Good luck with your remaining treatment.

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    Tolerating chemo
    So glad to hear you are doing well on chemo and i'm SURE it's working for you.
    I had Taxol every week for 18 weeks with Carbo every 3rd week, finished on 8 Dec '10. I too tolerated it really well and carried on working. I only suffered very mild nausea once or twice and some tiredness toward the end. I lost my hair but didn't lose my eyebrows and eyelashes until 2 weeks AFTER completion of chemo!!! Oh and I gained a huge amount of weight from the steroids, I think, as I absolutely didn't change my diet and in fact was more carefult than usual! Unfortunatley i'm now suffering with really really bad joint pains in my hands, elbows, knees, feet which is a real bummer. I've done my research and it looks like it's a side effect from the Taxol or more precisely the agent that the Taxol is dissolved in. Apprently this is a known but not really talked about side effect that some people get. Have yet to find a way to help this and it's driving me CRAZY.
    Best of luck for your next few treatments, you're nearly there......
    Michelle x
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    I'm so glad you can tolerate the carbo/taxol so well. It worked great for me and I had similar reactions except I lost my eyebrows and eyelashes ( they grew back amazingly fast). It does help that you went into it strong, but you may experience more of the fatique factor after the next few infusions. If so, please just give into it and allow yourself a few lounging around in PJ days.
    (((HUGS))) Maria
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    Chemo is working
    I had read that being sick or not has no effect on whether or not the chemo is working, I even thought by the sixth round of carbo/taxol that they had me on chemo -lite I tolerated it so well.
    It worked better than the Dr. even expected ! She thought she would have to go in again to remove what chemo didn't get. It zapped it all !
    I am on Avastin as a maitanence and thought it was causing my terrible joint and muscle pain that started 3 months after my chemo ended and just as I started the Avastin but my oncology nurse said it is very common to have these symptoms three or more months after the completion of carbo/taxol. They may or may not go away after time. But the chemo did it's job so I just remind myself that it was a neccesary evil. Not everyone gets this reaction and I think there are supplements to take to help with the symptoms. Being young and healthy makes a huge difference in the fight I am not young but was relatively healthy before this diagnocis.
    Good Luck !
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    Chemo side effects
    I had 6 treatments of carbo/taxol prior to surgery. I had hardly any nausea and no vomiting. I had some fatigue a few days afterwards and some joint pain for which dr. prescribed steroids. I still suffer neuropathy in feet from the taxol but take neurotin and alpha lipoic acid for it. My hair started falling out after second chemo so I had my head shaved and got hats, scarves and a wig. My chemo worked well, it shrunk the tumor and cancer in the abdomen and after surgery, I had microscopic cells left. I have had 2 additional carbo/taxol treatments, with a reduced dosage of taxol due to the neuropathy.

    Be thankful you are tolerating chemo well and I am sure it is working. What does your dr. say and how have test results been?