Diet recommendations for managing nausea?

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Hi there,

I've been a following discussions for a long time now and this is my first time contributing. I sincerely appreciate how open and helpful each of you are to one another. I hope that I can provide some contribution and reciprocate the love that I've witnessed.

My mother was diagnosed with GBM in Sep 2010. She has gone through resection, radiation+chemo, and is now on 5/28 temodar.

Lately she has been having a tough time eating without gagging. She is constantly experiencing nausea with most foods and often vomits it out. She's taking suppositories which have been of some help.

Do any of your recommend any foods that are less prone to nausea? What about other medications?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



  • palmyrafan
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    When did the nausea start? Before treatment, during treatment or after treatment? The gagging reflex could be due to the anticipation of having nausea or it could be caused by something else entirely.

    Without knowing when it started, I would first eliminate any spicy foods or foods that may "burn" her throat and esophagus. I would also suggest that the food be cut up in small bites to help with the gagging reflex.

    As for the nausea itself, try some blander foods (if you haven't already done so). Avoid using spices, salt, pepper, sauces, etc. and see if that helps. Sometimes radiation can change our taste buds and cause issues with eating including a gag reflex and nausea. She can also try some room temperature, flat Ginger Ale.

    If nothing you have tried works, talk to her doctor. If she is only experiencing nausea when it's time to eat, you know it is food related. If she has nausea all the time, there are medications she can take that will help with that.

    Good luck with your mom. I hope she finds the relief she is seeking and quickly!