Getting ready for Erbitux

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Hello all! Although I rarely post, I consider all of you my friends. You all keep me going and give me a wealth of information. I am getting ready to start Erbitux and just wanted to hear some of the side effects you all have experienced and how severe. Thanks for all info. Love you guys!


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    I was on erbitux throughout
    I was on erbitux throughout my treatments -

    I have very pale Irish type skin so not sure if side effects were more seere.

    I had terrible rashes. Some cycles i would break out so bad, my skin would hurt and look just nasty.
    VERY sun sensitive- shrouded my face in the car on sunny days or I would get sun burnt
    always wear a hat this summer etc to keep from exacserbating (spell?)

    Invest in the mildest skin care you can, anything too perfumy would sting my skin
    There is a line called Lindi Skin, invented by onc nurses, for sensetive chemo skin, pricy but nice.

    good luck!!!

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    Some links to previous posts
    I hope this helps, here are some links to previous posts about Erbitux.
    Just copy and paste them into your browser.

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    I am on erbitux and have had 7 rounds. The rash is the main problem as well as the dry skin. I was on an antibiotic to prevent the rash, but was told not to take it anymore because it can cause some other serious problems.

    Hope it works well for you.

    Take care,