Questions about what to expect?

Hello all-

My husband has just been diagnosed with Follicular NHL, Grade II, we are going to get the stage on Monday (he just finished the PET scan, the MRI, bloodwork, and bone marrow biopsy). He has swelling in the lymph glands in his groin, neck, and armpit. There is a lot on confusing information out there about this disease; right now we are operating on the assumption that there will be chemo involved (since he is symptomatic with lots of swelling in his leg/foot/glands). My question is this: what do we expect in the coming months with a chemo regimen? I've changed his diet to organic foods with juicing; does anybody have any suggestions about things that are helpful during treatment? I am very worried about this, and want to make sure that we are doing the right thing. We live in a pretty rural area, so there are not a lot of options in terms of second opinions, support groups, etc.

Thanks, I really appreciate any information you can give us.