Dr.stopping Treanda

Hi,Called my dr. this morning as this rash and itching are out of control.Nurse called back to inform me onc feels the Treanda is causing all this so they are stopping the treatments.They also made me an appt to see my dermatologist first thing in the morning.I have been truly blessed all these years never to have had such extreme side effects.Guess it's all catching up with me.So with this I will let you know what the dermatologist has in store for me.Wish me luck I need it.......Thanks bunches.Caring thoughts to you all,Michele Dx95 FNHL3


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    Thinking of you!
    Michele, I've been thinking of you! I hope the dermatologist has an answer to the rash and get that under control. Did the Onc say what your the plan is after that? or take this one step at a time?

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers always!