Caelyx and Carboplatin

Has anybody had this combination? Had 9 months cancer free but it is now back, multiple modules AROUND the liver and spleen. does hair loss occur with this treatment/


  • kellyh33
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    Caelyx is also called Doxil. Lots of the ladies here have been on it. My mom started it two weeks ago and so far no hair loss. Actually I think is it coming in even thicker :) If you google Doxil you should get a list of side effects. The big one they talked to us about at the hospital was the hand/foot syndrome. Mom had to put cream on her hands/feet several times a day and put her feet in cold water daily for the first week after chemo. It helps the with the symptoms, so far so good.
    Good luck to you. I hope this is the answer you've been searching for.