Has anyone else had 4 rounds carbo/taxol followed by radiation daily and carbo weely during radiatio

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to see if anyone else has had this treatment and can give any advice? My mother is currently in her third week and is finding it very difficult. Hair is falling out (again after the taxol was out of the system), some bowel issues, fatigue. Her platelet levels have droped almost double since starting this treatment.

Also, does anyone seem to have hot flushes from the chemo?




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    I had my 1st cervical radiation and started chemo same week. My radiation lasted 2 weeks. My chemo continued for 6 months. I was somewhat tired, white blood count went down after 1st chemo and then again before last chemo which made me have to wait an extra week. After my 1st chemo, my count went down and I was put on the shot to help that problem. The injection was 24 hrs. after I was unhooked from chemo. Can't think of the name of it right now. This injection caused pain in legs like the flu. However, my counts stayed up until the right before the last round #6.