I have no marker with the CA125 test

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I have no CA125 test as a cancer marker. I had a test done last July and it came back 7. My gyn. said it looked like nothing wrong but sent me for a ultra sound inside and outside. That showed that my uterus was a bit thick and he suggested that I have a D&C and a lapro. surgery. When they got in with the lap. they found that my right ovary had a large tumor on it. They quickly removed the large ovary with a bit larger incision. They biopsied my uterus and at the time of the surgery the doctor told my family that none of it looked like cancer. When the pathology report came back the doctor didn't believe they were both positive to having endmetrial cancer. He immediately sent me to a gyn.- onc. in another city. The new doctor took all the reports and said we need to do a extensive hyst. That was done Sept. 8th, 2010 the uterus and the left ovary were removed along with the omenthum and the appendix. They also removed 30 lymph nodes at the time of the surgery and took samples all around my abdomin. The results came back and I had the endo. cancer of the uterus along with the ovarian cancer separate from the endo. cancer. Then the big surprise was appendix cancer which they removed and thought it had a couple of stones in it. The appendix cancer happened to be 2 very rare and aggressive cancers. I guess I can thank God that I originally went to the ER to have a pain in my lower right abdomin. The doctor on call did a ct scan and said I should follow up with a gyn. I called right away and that is when everything started. I had chemo treatments of carbo/taxol for the ovarian cancer and internal radiation which is called Brachy Therapy for the uterine . They were concerned that the colon might have been involved with the appendix cancer so I had a colonoscopy and a pet scan and all looked clear.
I am now concerned without a marker CA125 how will they know if there is any reaccurance. I was very fortunate that all three cancers were independent and primary and there was no mets. They were all discovered at stage 1 with different grades. I am scared that I will have to have so many scans that I will get too much radiation. Sincerely Sharon


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    No marker
    You could ask your doctor whether an HE4 test would be an effective method to monitor you for ovarian cancer. There is also a clinical trial being put on by Sloan Kettering used for people in remission, who do not have an effective CA-125 tumor marker. They are administering the injections at locations other than Sloan. What I know about the trial is that it involves injections of something acquired from limpets (shellfish) and tree bark and immuno-boosters.