has anyone just had surgery for mouth cancer

hi my husband has floor of the mouth cancer on the 10th of may he has his op which means he has to have all lower teeth removed the floor of his mouth base of his tongue and part of his jaw bone chipped away he said it is the same op as what is used for tongue cancer with flap built only more work we have had 2 opinions from 2 different hospitals the first one advising of the same surgery but with chemo and rad to follow this doctor said he is not doing the chemo and rad but every one i have read has had this so i am concerned is anyone out there just had surgery. sorry also forgot to mention he also has to have neck dissection on both sides.


  • ratface
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    You don't have to go there yet
    Start with the surgery with the ENT you think is the best surgeon. It's better to operate on non radiated skin anyway. The rest will fall into place later. One major life decision at a time.
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    Hi Julie

    I have a different type of cancer but would like to welcome you to our family here on CSN.

    Take care and keep posting