2nd treatment

Hello all, had my second treatment of just taxol this past Thursday. All in all, not terrible. I get one more treatment of just taxol, then a week off, and then start over for round two with carbo and taxol. Was told blood work would be done at the start of round two, and then we get to see if the CA125 can find its way down from 208. I am now about 5 weeks post davinci surgery, so hopefully some of the inflammation is going down. Its easier to get around now, and I can do a little more around the house.

Thanks to all who post encouraging words. Does anybody have any ideas on raising hemoglobin levels? Mine weren't terrible, but just a little on the low side. Side effects right now are a sore tongue, and fatigue. I never have slept more than 3 or 4 hours at a time anyway, and then wake up to go to the bathroom and can't get back to sleep.
I'm afraid if I take the ativan I'll have MORE constipation, another little wonderful side effect!! Oh well, the NEW NORMAL does beat the alternative!!

I'm so glad I found this site. Its wonderful to be able to post with women who know what you're going through, and who truly lift each other up.

God Bless All!!!
Debbie :)


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    Raising hemoglobin
    Eat a diet high in iron. If you are vegan it's a little more difficult but there is chicken and fish. Spinach is great. Google high iron foods. Some people take an iron supplement but talk to your Doctor first. Others take an iron tablet. I would talk to my Doctor before taking an iron supplement; they also make you very constipated and you need a stool softner. I still take miralax if I need to. Works Wonderfully.

    your friend,,,,Diane