3 Weeks After Testing Positive



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    Treatment Choice

    Robert, I was 52, psa 24, Gleason 9. Now 60 years, tumors everywhere and taking radiation on tumors for pain control. It has been quite helpful. Currently doing several tumors on ribs. Spine radiation in May.
    Since in the beginning the cancer had already spread I had one shot of Lupron to help shrink the tumor, side effects for sure with the hormones. Then had the maximum amount of radiation on prostate. Five years later we re-biopsed the prostate and found zero cancer cells. So as far as killing the cancer cells in prostate it was a total success. My only major side effect was fatigue from the radiation. Surgery was not really a good option for me and since it had spread I am happy that I did not have to have surgery and its side effects. For you things are quite different and I just wanted you to hear about what radiation did for me. I wish you all the best.
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    PJD, Thanks

    Thanks Mrs for sharing your experiences in PJD’s case. It is complete and well described. Many will benefit from your writings.
    To PJD I would like to suggest him to fill that “glass” and celebrate the success. You have chosen well and will do fine and enjoy a long life with your children and their children.


    The best is yet to come
    Thank you, Vasco, for your supportive comments, as well as for the info you share about your own PCa journey. As for the literal interpretation of the “glass ½ full,” PJD & I often enjoy filling our (wine) glasses with our favorite “red” (a Cab from South Africa).

    Many wishes for continued success and good health.