May 24 - Minneapolis here I come!

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Just checked the mail and had the notification of my appt. with the PS at Minneapolis VA about recon.. Well actually as it's about 600 miles from here (according to Google Earth) so I'll drive over the day before as the appt. is at noon that day.

I really don't know rather or not I want to do recon or with the lymphedema issues I have rather I'm a candidate but will find out. NOW I start doing my research about the different recons possible - anybody got any good sites?



  • sea60
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    Hi Susan!
    Have a good drive to Minneapolis. I had the DIEP which is using your own tissue & fat to reconstruct. I don't have a site but you could google it. I hope you get a lot of info.

    Best wishes & God bless,

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    Breast recon. websites
    I have found these 2 websites to be very informative. and The 2nd one I mentioned is run by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

    Earlier this week I got what I am told will be my only saline fill in my tissue expander. My exchange surgery is scheduled for June 13th.

    Good luck to you. IRENE