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Ok firstly everyone knows about Colontown on Facebook, or Colon Club, or Cancer Compass is it?

I'm just dismayed at reading comments that have been flying left, right and center about a certain thread. Now I love this site with my heart, consider you my online family, but I feel like the colorectal forum is going to implode at this rate. Given over the years we have had arguments over religion, alternative medicines etc and we have always come through. But some of the comments and sending PMs come on people. We are in this together, whether cancer patients in treatment or remission. I read the thread that has upset so many, granted it got to me to. But I then remembered what my oncologist told me, then the form I had to sign, that chemo can cause side effects including DEATH! And chemo causing side effects to your liver, oh people I love you all, but unless you have not been told this by your oncology team, you should know this. Whatever chemo treatment you take has that risk. Now put aside chemo for a second (which is known that cause instant damage), people on long term medication say for depression, asthma, etc taking myself as an example I have a higher chance of suffering liver damage, along with the fact I use to drink, and drunk quiet a lot during and after my marriage. All these things can cause liver damage, along with taking illegal drugs, or anything similar, we just take risks as individuals in what treatment we choose.

I think if we are to post stats etc in the future, if we could put that in the header. So people can decide whether they wish to read that topic or not.

As for the forums I mentioned, to me CSN has always been the place where I felt safe and connected with people. Other sites like the Colon Club are great, but I just don't feel what I get here, being a part of a family who are going through similar issues all relating to CANCER. Colowntown is a new group on Facebook, it's a similar to this forum, but the idea is more that we are neighbors and we are there for each other. It's new, so given time it may or may not end up like this forum with arguments etc. But they post things about how sugar is bad for you etc, no one at the moment is arguing.

Pete you don't have a mean bone in your body, and I hope you don't leave.

Ok hope people don't take my post the wrong way, I've just seen some comments about the forum in other places and it's prompted me to write this. I just want us to try and work together, and help each other like we have known to do as an online family.

Love to all.


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    Live and let live...
    I no some of the things are upsetting. But I learn from everything...the good, the bad, the ugly. You have to decide what is good info or bad info. Take all that you read, process and decide if its good or bad. Talk with everyone...you may not agree... but you can agree to disagree... That is family..
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    my sentiments as well!
    Hi Sonia,

    For once I won't make a long post- I'll just say that I agree with what you wrote!

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    I agree completely Sonia, it
    I agree completely Sonia, it saddens me to see drama here since I look to it as a safe haven and a place to hear everyones point of view.
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    Love y'all!
    Y'all are not running me off, despite the fact that I sometimes want to knock some heads together. Let's play nice, okay?

    Love y'all!