Leuprolide's effect on chemotherapy's ability to kill cancer-cells? References to research greatly

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Hi everyone!

Today I must decide if I should start taking Luprolide (brand-name Lupron) while I am on my chemo. Does anyone know of research papers in this area? I found a quote on breastcancer.org, http://www.breastcancer.org/tips/fert_preg_adopt/fertility/chemotherapy.jsp, saying that:

"Ovarian function can be temporarily stopped, or suppressed, during chemotherapy by medication. Some believe this may help protect the immature eggs from damage during treatment. But there is a lot of disagreement among experts about this issue. So far there have been no reliable clinical studies on this issue.

Doctors are also concerned that the drugs used in ovarian suppression may interfere with chemotherapy's ability to kill the cancer cells. This is because chemotherapy is most effective against cancer cells when they're actively growing. Hormonal therapy — which is used to suppress the ovaries — can also stop or slow the growth of the breast cancer cells. This may make the cells less sensitive to chemotherapy."

This sounds logical and concerns me. I am unable to find this concern restated elsewhere. Any links or search-tips would be great!