Thank you Clamryn (Linda) for your response

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Thank you Linda. I am glad to hear that you are on Coumadin and Avastin. As I said, I'm on injections of blood thinner and my body is so bruised from the injections, it isn't funny. I plan on letting my dr. know that I will give the injections only a few more months and then if I have to will go back on coumadin. My primary care will be monitoring it weekly so I'm not really worried.

Again thank you for answering so quickly. By the way how long have you been on avastin? Does it seem to be working?


  • clamryn
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    I started my Avastin On January 25 and have had 5 treatments so far (every 3 weeks). I just had a Pet/Scan a couple of weeks ago and got the results last Tuesday. It is working for me. It is killing the cancer cells from the inside out.

    I am praying it will work for you.