Platelet counts

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I'm doing my third Folfox6 right now and my blood work done before I start shows my platelet count down to 105 after just two treatments. I drop 80 each time so far. They will suspend my treatment under 100 although my doctor will let it go in the 90's if everything else is good. My question is does the dropping level off or should I prepare myself for delays in my schedule already? I expected to wear down later in treatment, but not so soon. I've been feeling pretty good, a little heartburn and nausea this time but manageable My research shows no way to really raise platelet counts except transfusions. Is that common during chemo? Thanks for any help or input.


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    for me
    i was on oxy,5fu and leucovorin in march of 2009.i had 10 treatments and around treatment#6my platlets were getting low.and yes i did have to go to the hospital and get a platlet transfusion.thats just part of the fun that we expereance..LOL..Godbless...johnnybegood
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    My experience
    After my third treatment my platelets had been hovering in the 80's. For the fifth (the one before this last one), the doctor had me skip the oxyplatin to give my bone marrow a break and my numbers jumped to 141. This last treatment she switched me over to Avastin since I had mentioned how much more energy I had after that chemo...

    Best of luck! Stay strong!