Question for anyone on or had been on Avastin

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Hi,I would really appreciate any responses from people who are currently on Avastin and a blood thinner. Or anyone on Avastin and Coumadin? Or, on no blood thinners at all and never had a problem with the Avastin? I know one other person on this board is on an injectable blood thinner. Last year I had developed a small clot during surgery and have since been on blood thinners, most recently the injectable one. I've been told the clot has dissolved. I've been on several different chemos and was on coumadin and never had a problem. I'd ppreciate anyone's responses relating to this. What I'm mainly interested in is anyone on the Avastin and needing to take a blood thinner, whether it be coumadin or the injectable one. Thanks.


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    I am on Avastin and blood thinner
    I am currently taking Avastin and on a blood thinner. Blood thinner is Warfarin 1MG (Generic for Coumadin). The reason I am on the blood thinner is because I have a port in my upper right chest. I have had 5 treatments of the Avastin and haven't had any problems with it.