yearly exam?

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now that I have no breasts, does this mean I can't get breast cancer again? I had a double mastectomy and all the lymph nodes removed. so when I go for my "yearly" exam, can I skip the breast exam?


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    Breast cancer after mastectomy
    Unfortunately, even after a mastectomy you CAN get breast cancer. During a mastectomy the surgeon tries to remove as much breast tissue as is humanly possible, but generally all of the tissue CANNOT be removed. You can get a recurrence in the remaining tissue or it can spread to another area (ex. lungs, liver, bones, spine). So when you go for your annual exam you should have the doctor do a clinical breast exam. IRENE
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    You decrease your chances from getting new cancers by 95%, but like our pink sis says, it doesn't prevent the one you already had from coming back. Please always check yourself.
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    I had bilateral
    mastectomy June 2010 and will go for an xray in June. My surgeon, gyn and onc will check my breast area. I will have a CAT scan done in August. Unfortunately breast cancer can appear again despite all that surgeons have already done. I had 6 rounds of chemo and 28 rads to help lower my risk but it's always still there.
    {{hugs}} Char