6th may bag off day. Port out and free colonoscopy just for fun

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visited surgeon darren gold this morning.
My blood tests are ok for for the op. So its full steam ahead.
I Mentioned i am doing kegel. He chuckled and said to make sure
try and stop mid stream while peeing.. Then you know you have isolated the correct muscles. As a bonus these exercises also help with male sexual function. Or so i told my wife. Not that its discussed much here.

He said he will put in a collagen mesh that should help with minimise infection risk and prevent hernia when i am reconnected and the stoma is reversed.

He also said he will do a colonoscopy at the same time to checkout the colon. I had also thought about this myself. Typing now with numb fingers and feet. The folfox side effects are still getting worse 2 weeks after chemo finished.

My wife and i were really impressed. The free colonoscopy sounded great and something i was due for. I hope he finds nothing.

Hugs to all



  • daBeachBum
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    That sounds like a real milestone and a busy day for you, congrats!

    Best of luck to you, I am sending good vibes your way...

    Take care,

  • herdizziness
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    Wow, what a nice day at the doc's!! And a freebie thrown in to boot!!
    Here they wait until you get the hernia before they'll put in a mesh, lucky guy!!!
    Glad for all your good news.
    Winter Marie
  • tootsie1
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    Good for you, Pete!
    Sounds good! "Enjoy" your free colonoscopy!

  • idlehunters
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    tootsie1 said:

    Good for you, Pete!
    Sounds good! "Enjoy" your free colonoscopy!


    YAY Pete!!!
    Really really good news........ Take care

  • pete43lost_at_sea
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    thanks ray, winer marie, gail and jennie
    its kind of unreal coming up to the reversal and what i pray is the end of the cancer surgeries. still its just one day at a time.

    one last funny story. so we leave the doctors and agree on my wife favourite thai in newton just out of the city center. she has her car i have mine. so i get to the thai and order tumeric and tofu and vegetables.

    i get this message from wife that she took a wrong turn and ended up over the harbour bridge along way away.

    our lunch was not meant to be.