I sit here looking out my window....

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And I see beautiful mountains in the background (NEVER see them in The Netherlands...LOL). Closer is a stand of poplars, shimmering in the setting sun's light.
Closer still, on my patio fence, sits a morning dove, waiting for it's mate.
At my bird feeders sit finches of every color and size, fighting over the seeds.

And closer still, I see all of you, in my heart!!!!

Sleep well tonight, dear friends....I'll take the first watch!!!

Hugs, Kathi


  • Buzzard
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    awe thank you sweetheart.......
    very nice of you to say that....goodnight to you as well dear lady.......love and hugs....buzz
  • tootsie1
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    So eloquent
    That's so beautiful, Kathi. You're in my heart, too.

  • AnneCan
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    Thanks for that sweet thought!
    It is so nice of you to think of all of us + I thow you have lots on your mind. Is that your deck in the US?
  • herdizziness
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    Thank you Kathi, I shall sleep most peacefully tonight.
    Winter Marie
  • Kathleen808
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    Love and hugs to you Kathi!

  • pepebcn
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    Love and hugs to you Kathi!


    Thank you Kathi you know I
    appreciate it specially !
  • luvmum
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    It's beautiful
    Have a good night sleep and sweet dreams!
    Love and hugs Dora