What were your symptoms of bone cancer?

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For quite a while now, my left upper arm hurts (mostly at night) In fact, I can not lay on that arm at all. When I try to pull up my blankets with that arm, it hurts so bad, I can hardly stand it. Two months ago, I lost my husband to a disease called Von Hipple Lindau and for the past year and a half, he was basically in a wheelchair/and had to use a walker. I was thinking maybe this pain was from that, but it seems to be getting worse. At first it was just at night. I thought maybe I bruised it, or pulled a muscle. Then it started hurting during the day with certain movements. Now the pain is more intense and its also like a burning pain at times during the day. The pain is from my shoulder down to my elbow. I was just wondering what your symptoms were? I'm going to the doctor tomorrow. Cancer runs in my family, and my dads' mother had bone cancer. Thanks


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    Shoulder pain
    I had shoulder pain so bad I wasn't able to lift my arm.It happened when I was making the bed and kinda through the bedspread up then BAM I felt my should move.It hurt for awhile and finally went to a doctor.It was a frozen shoulder.I didn't feel the pain down to my elbow but I am sure the pain can penetrate other places.

    I went through some therapy.OMG it was painful but it straightened out.You may have done something that you dont realize what it was.I think frozen shoulders are common.Did'nt know that till it happened to me.You could actually hear the bone crunching as the therapist was getting my shoulder to move.Forcing it to move.I thought it was breaking as she did it.

    I am a bc survivor but came on here to see about symptons of bone cancer. I hear so much that bone cancer can happen after a dx of bc.It happened to a few people I know who had bc.

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    my symptoms
    Chronic flu like pain. Pain in bones especially spine with nerve involvement down rt. arm. Also daily headaches and extreme fatigue.