Burnt esophagus

Hello all! I'm finally done with chemo and have now started radiation. All in all i will need a total of 15 treatments. But starting today it hurts in my throat and chest when i eat. Does anyone know how long the uncomfortable pain will last?


  • dixiegirl
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    Talk to your rad nurse
    I didn't have radiation to that area of my body so I cannot comment on that, but have you talked to your nurse?

    How many treatments have you had?

    Take care,
  • RachelF
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    burnt esophagus
    hi Ashlea:
    I had radiation to my lower jaw and entire torso a looooong time ago (maybe before you were born?!) and I had a very sore mouth and throat, too. It hurt to swallow and definitely affected my eating. I tried to drink products like Ensure, or I ate room-temperature raviolis and frozen fudgesicles -- smooth things that would not irritate me.

    Most of those side effects went away within months after my treatment ended. The one life-long effect was that I can not eat anything made with jalapeno/chili peppers -- one little flake and my mouth is on fire. Gets me out of alot of awkward food-related situations : )

    Be patient and your body will heal with time.