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Hi all. I've been viewing a the posts and wanted to say they have helped me. My mom is currently in treatment for a recurrance of colon cancer. In 2009, during a routine hernia surgery, spots were detected on the liver. I was shocked to hear that it was cancer and more shocked to discover it was colon cancer since she was being treated for anemia caused by blood loss somewhere in the colon and had every test possible to determine were the blood loss was from. She immediatley had surgery to remove a portion of her colon and liver, followed by 12 chemo treatments. The scan after chemo treatments was clear and there were no problems until the next scan 1 year later. Recurrence. Mets to lungs, liver and stomach. She just completed 5 rounds of chemo with a follow-up scan this week with results to come next week. I am keeping a positive attitude but still worrying about what's to come.


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    Lots of reoccurence in here
    Lots of reoccurence in here and someone will have the same thing and have gone through it already maybe letting you know some of what to expect. I had rectal in 2008 and a met in 2010 to the lung. Im stage 4 but I feel and am doing fine physically, emotionally, well, stable, but you can see through your mom how it affects her and yourself as well. When and if she gets distraught or ill felt please let her vent,cry,whatever she needs to do, and you the same. You have to get those feelings oouutt!!! Then move on, I wish the best for all of you, especially mom, but you make sure that you get some me time as well, you'll need it.......Love and Hope to you
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    Sorry you need to be here, but it is wonderful that you are there for your Mom.
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    Hey There
    Thanks for sharing your story. The board has been really helpful to me as well.
    It's really weird that the doctors didn't find the initial colon cancer when that's pretty much what they were looking for.

    I'm so sorry that your mom is dealing with a recurrence - and a pretty nasty sounding one at that. Keep up the positive attitude. Hopefully the scan will show a great response to chemo.

    Take care,
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    Just wanted to say welcome to the board. Unfortunately, my opinion, recurrence in colon cancer is very high. I'm sorry it came back so very soon for your mom. Now don't go giving up, the chemo treatments available are very successful. Perhaps waiting a year to be scanned after initial treatment was a bit too long but you can't change what is. If she responded well the first time it is very likely she will respond very well this time also. I am not familiar with mets to the stomach but from experience with my hubby I can tell you with mets to the liver and lungs, the oncs can keep things under control for a very long time. Baby steps, up and down, seems to be the nature of this beast.

    Give your mom our best and tell her to hang in there and come back with any questions and let us know what happens with the scan.

    Take care - Tina
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    Sorry about your mom
    Welcome to the board! Your mom is a fortunate woman to have such a loving caregiver. I know it's all scary right now, and you can't help but just worry pretty much all the time, but it will become a little more "normal" for you in awhile. Praying your mom does very well with her treatments.

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    Thanks for all the kind words. I was reluctant at first to post to the boards but glad I did.
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    best wishes to you and your mom
    I'm also a caregiver for my mum and she loves my attention and be with me all the time. I'm sure with your love, care and support, she will receive a lot of positive energy from you!