What did the doctor tell you??

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Diagnosed with squamous cell (non-small) in right lung. A bunch of tumors lymph node involvement. This is a met from a previous neck cancer though one doc says it is acting like primary lung cancer. Responding extremely well to chemo. I know what the docs tell me
about prognosis and what I read on the internet. I know everyone is different, but curious what other people are hearing. I really don't want my life in a public forum and figure no one else does either so if you care to respond send a personal e-mail through the site.
Really wondering and can't think of anyone better to ask. - Judy


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    What'd yer doc tellya?
    Beyond a description of what I had, pretty much nothing other than "Here's what we can do for you, this is when we want to start, we think you'll do well because you're in good shape, and here's a few things you'll probably experience during treatment." I have to admit I made it a little easier on him by telling him pretty early on that I:

    (1) Have a B.S. in Bio;
    (2) Have an M.S. in Applied Statistics;
    (3) Read a lot;

    and therefore, I:

    (4) Wouldn't be asking him any questions that would require him to predict the unknown;
    (5) Wouldn't expect him to volunteer any such information unless I did ask.

    It's worked out well. I have to say the guy did give me some serious laughs right from Day One, probably unintentionally, when he scribbled next to a bunch of his sketches, "Lung cancer can be life threatening." Indeed, indeed. Everybody I show that to appreciates it.