To Sherri and Sally

I wanted to express how sorry I am for the loss of Jim, and Sally your dad. I'm sorry I didn't get to offer my support and prayers earlier.

Both of you were of great inspiration and support during my dad's journey. It's one of the reasons I logged back on, to find out how your loved ones were doing. It's like a kick in the b@!!s (to quote my dad when he found out about his lung mets) to read of their deaths.

May God's peace and comfort be with you as you mourn. I had no idea how fast or difficult the journey would be. I think I've been in a fog for the last 6 months. I thought once dad was not sufffering from the Beast that I would be relieved and could move forward with grace and peace. I've been shocked by how much it still hurts. I wasn't as relieved as I'd hoped. Even in the last days that were hell it was hard to let him go.

Thank you for your kindness, advice, and prayers. Along with William, and several others, comfort flowed here in the words and stories shared, tears shed, prayers petitioned ,from this little family nobody would want to join.


Deb in NE


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  • sal314
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    Thank You As Well Deb
    I know what you mean about being in a fog. Just when you think it's lifting, something happens and you feel like you did the day you lost them! It's so random...the feelings and emotions that can be peaceful one minute, than gut wrenching the next! I find that very frustrating.

    We (my mother and I) are going to have another kick in the teeth on May 12th. That's the day we are finally going to place my father and my brother in the same interment space "niche" in the mausoleum. It's been a very long process getting all the legal documents and such to move my brother from a single niche to be with my dad. So...we've finally gotten in squared away and plan to do that on the 12th. so many ways it seemed my father has been gone forever. It's hard to believe it's only been nine weeks.

    Anyway...I still check in because I really do care about people here. It is disheartening to read about so many of those that are being diagnosed and struggling. But if I can offer even a tiny bit of encouragement, I'm more than glad to do it.

    Wishing and praying for your family to continue on the road to healing and peace. I'm sure it will take much more time than we would like, but God I'm sure has a reason for that! Hope you continue to keep checking back every know and then! I've enjoyed our correspondence and glad to hear from you!