Can people really be this close

My dad passed away April 13. He was always very close to his mother. He wanted to be buried next to her, she reserved that spot just for him. During his last days he talked about his mom. He talked about being home, and his mom was there. He went out with a smile on his face.

When we were at the cementary I was next to my grandparents headstone. My grm and grf died 3 months apart. Grf died on my grm birthday which was also my dads birthday.

Dad and his mom were born on the same day, Jan. 25, and died on the same day. April 13. Grm died in 1989, dad in 2011, 22 years between. Grm was 22 when she had my dad.

This is strange to me, but it is just like my grm, and dad to come into this world on the same day, and leave on the same day. At 22 grm birthed her son at home. When she passed, 22 years later she came to take her son home once again. That sounds like something my grm would do.


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    Gotta love those grandmoms!
    Some things are just beyond coincidence, aren't they?