Hi Beth,
I just read your message to Lisha on another thred and it made me so sad for you. Don't you have someone to come and stay with you next week when your husband works out of town? Three straight days of chemo and as bad as it makes you feel, you really need someone to help out with the puppy and most of all keep an eye on "YOU". I just hate to think you will be all alone. Neighbor, friends, anyone you can call in? God bless you dear lady, I hope you can find someone. We can help you with words, but you really need some physical support. Love you and very concerned for you...Sue


  • dixiegirl
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    I am going to talk to Aley and see if she'd come stay with me. She's done it before and I relied very heavily on her when Jim traveled the first time I did chemo. She works nights so I wouldn't see her really that much, she gets off work at 11:00.

    It'll be ok, lots of aunts live around me and I can always go over there if need be, plus two of them are RN's.

    For Sam, I may be relying pretty heavy on my neighbors kids since they are off on spring break.

    I appreciate all of you and the concern. It's ok.