When do they check your status?

I was wondering my husband is on his third weeks of rads and goes for his second round of chemo on Monday. Do they check during treatment to see if the tumor is shrinking. We were advised to not have surgery first because he would loose part of his jaw and most/all of his tongue. I sure hope this treatment works. He may have to go in for a neck dissection/clean up.


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    Checking Tumor size

    Good question to ask your doctor, all during my treatment the Rad doc was taking picture of the tumor and comparing it with the last ones.

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    Radiation and Scans

    From what I can remember, each week before I had my radiation, the machine was capable of doing a Scan and did several things at one time by having the scan.

    I usually received the Scan on Monday which basically aligned me with the machine again for the radiation. But from what I was told by others is that the Oncologist was able to check weekly on the results of said treatments. I did not have Chemo. So, if a tumor is present, they could see if there was any change each week. I had surgery first to remove the tumor from the Base of my Tongue,along with part of my Tongue, Radical Neck Disection, Thrache, and Peg Tube. The Radiation came afterwards to clean up any stray cancer cells. Chemo was to be my safety net in the event it came back.

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