High Fevers unknown cause

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42 year old osteosarcoma survivor who last had chemo February 7th of this year started to running high fever last Wednesday. He was running 103.2 and 103.4 so he arrived at the ER where he was now running 104 and had the shakes. Numerous cultures had been done but they are all coming back negative. Doctors are trump because they don't know what brought on the fevers are why they are still persistent. Its been 6 days in hospital and fevers are still present.

Has anyone had a similar situation if so how were fevers diagnosed?


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    High Fevers
    I am in the hospital now for high fevers, chills and night sweats which I attributed to infections. I am immune compromised because of a bone marrow transplant and treatment for graft vs. host disease. While here I got the results of a biopsy done last week which shows spindle cell sarcoma. The biopsy was done a near normal looking lesion which was slightly raised. I read on the internet that high fevers, sweats and chill can be signs of spindle cell sarcoma, also lymphoma for which I got the bone marrow transplant.