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My mother just found out she has Bladder Cancer. We are in different states. I think she is not telling me alot, She does not want to scare me. I am strong and need to know somethings about whats going on so I can Plan for this. I want to be with her as much as i can, But with 3 kids and not living close. I need to know if i should go now and stay with her.
Okay, This is what I know, The tumor is outside the bladder, and in the lymph nodes. They say no surgery, It can't be removed. She is starting chemotherapy this week.

Thanks for any help.



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    sarahamar: I encourage you to at least visit her and request to accompany her to meet with her oncologist so that you can obtain all the information that you will need to make decisions. But just going with the information that you had provided, it appears that the your mom has at least stage 3 bladder cancer that has metastaticized to nearby lymph nodes and possibly other parts of her body (this would be stage 4). This is why probably why surgery is not an option. My partner is currently going through chemotherapy for stage 4 bladder cancer and the side-effects are horrendous and I personally could not envision anyone going through it alone (I hope your mom has close support with her at this time).

    Given everything I had just said, please note that I nor anyone here, can substitute obtaining real information by consulting with your mom and/or her oncologist. I wish the best for you, your mom and your family.

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    Bladder Cancer
    sarahamar: Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that something this devastating and horrible would happen to my life long partner, who was diagnosed with stage 4 bladder cancer. After much research about this cancer, I searched out the best doctors and cancer center and we are now doing the chemo. I have been explained the medical statistics that paint a very gloomy out come for stage 4 bladder caner by our oncologist, but I have also found and read the wonderful success stories of people that have beat the odds of this horrible disease. My partner happens to be a very strong person and doesn’t suffer the horrible side effects from the chemo, unlike most unfortunate cancer patient that I have read about. All patients have different outcomes and I believe with strong family support, along with the faith I have in the doctors and our faith in All Mighty Father in Heaven is where I have left things and trust in.

    I happen to be the Columbia area and would be glad to be of any assistance.
    We have your family in our thoughts and prayers