Drenching night sweats

Has anyone had the problem of night sweats. Dale woke me up last night around 1 am, with sweat just pouring off him. The bed linens and his pillow were soaked. I tried to get him to let me call 911 and he, of course refused. I gave him orange juice followed by peanut butter and crackers and milk. The sweating subsided after awhile. He went back to sleep while I was on the computer with Dr Google. Reasons for night sweats range from hyped up metabolism to lymphoma to hypoglycemia. Since it responded to food, I tend to think it was probably hypoglycemia. Just wondering if any of you have experienced this and if so, do you know what causes it. Thanks so much for your help. We are baffled. He is eating lots of protein and is trying very hard to recover.


Mary Lou (caregiver)

Dale (patient)
Diagnosed Jan 2010
MIE April 2010. (3 of 18 lymph nodes positive at time of surgery)
5 rounds of Folfox. (last tx in September 2010)
Subsequent scans are essentially negative with a couple small lymph nodes enlarged in the thorax region, they are watching!


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    Drenching nightsweats
    I saw this post about drenching night sweats. Although I cannot help with the reasons I can help with an interim solution. Many companies are now making wicking micro fibre sleepwear and pillowcases. These new microfibre products absorb the sweat, move it away from the skin and dry very fast. Much of the marketing is directed to menopausal women but there is some for men. I suggest you search the internet for "wicking sleepwear" and you should find some help. If you cannot find men's sleepwear look for sports wear, golf shirts, yoga wear etc. It will do the same thing. If you are in Canada try my Coolfemme Clothing, we have night shirts and pillowcases but we only sell within Canada. I do hope you find this helpful and that I am not abusing the system by mentioning my products.