recurrance advice

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i had ovarian cancer diagnosed in 2008 and had a hysterctomy done in 2009 and tuk 5 cycles of chemotherapy and after 2 years there is a recurrance in the operative site ..altho my ca 125 is within 35..

any advice on how to handle recurrance ?


  • lindaprocopio
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    Once you get over the shock, get your game face on. ((((binny)))
    Your 2 year remission is a HUGE advantage, as you probably have the opportunity to return to '1st line' chemo drugs, an option that would be out had your remission been shorter. So you can get the GOOD STUFF, the chemo with the best shot of blasting you back into another long multi-year remission!!

    I would get a 2nd opinion just to be sure, and if they have confirmed your recurrence with a biopsy of any kind, I'd get a tissue assay done on that tissue so that you know at least whether your cancer is ER+, PR+ or HER2+, as that info will be invaluable if you need continued chemo down the road.

    I remember when I had my 1st recurrence; it was so devastating. But you already KNOW how strong a woman you are; you've done this battle before. You know that you can do it again. Cry it out, and then start getting your game face on. You can do this. I wish to God you didn't have to. But you can do it. ((((((hugs))))
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    Linda Said it Perfectly
    For our family, the shock of recurrance was tough and then....Mom fought like a Fang Fish.....I think the most important aspect is the mind game...I think you can't give in to the fear and anxiety...Also, make sure you have an oncologist you trust....I think what they recommend and how they implement the plan is crucial as well....Best of Luck and keep us posted!!