Ebert speaks

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I think I promised to quit doing this since I don't like it when other people do, but this was just so evocative that I have to post the link.

Please know in advance that it is a 'speech' by Roger Ebert and friends at a TED convention, and that some of it may seem to be more about technology than what might be of most importance to you and me today (although I would argue that technology IS of utmost importance to you and me today). The thing is, if you stay with it, you see and hear a lot of things that remind you of your own (or your loved one's) circumstances. There is a resonance, at least for me, and I happen to be someone who can speak, if not perfectly.

I happen to be one of those grumpy people who always wonders why famous people keep getting all of the 'pub' while you and I struggle with sometimes more difficult efforts in our mundane obscurity. So this surprises even me that I would promote such a thing.

But maybe it is worth a listen. You judge.

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  • ratface
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    I would have to second the motion that it's worth a listen. It really is more about his spirit than technology. What a wonderful dumb **** smile! How ignorant of me to not fathom that one of us could lose that ability forever. How far reaching his side effects were to effect his shoulders and legs. Never really pondered him one way or another but have aquired a newfound respect for him. Wish him the best!
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    I watched this a couple of nights ago and wasn't sure about telling the group because of the whole technology Macintosh ad portion of it. But I was inspired by Mr. Ebert and his wife and realized how fortunate I am to still have my speech and my jaw. Thanks for sharing with the group.