Flying with Ileostomy

Has anyone had to fly with a bag yet since all the changes in the TSA? I am headed to D.C. for my honeymoon in a couple of weeks, and wondering if I will have an issue with the TSA. Don't want to get booted off the plane before it takes off.


  • TxKayaker
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    Should not be a problem I
    Should not be a problem I fly a lot and when I had my bag was only questioned about it once and was passed thru.
  • sfan428
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    You shoud be fine, I fly
    You shoud be fine, I fly quite a bit and have found that simply informing the screener when you go through will minimize the hassle. I think they are just as uncomfortable with the situation as we are. Good luck and enjoy your honeymoon.

  • taraHK
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    colostomy but no problem
    I have a colostomy, not an ileostomy. I have flown a lot and no problems. I've been patted down and received a quizzical look -- just told them I have a colostomy and no problem. I think it's probably in their training. I also see it as an opportunity to raise awareness ha ha. I've also had my "supplies" bag queried. Again, a short simple response (I say "medical supplies") works just fine. A couple of times I've forgotten to remove sharp scissors from my supplies kit and those got confiscated.

    Have a wonderful honeymoon!