Journal to eternity

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San_Antonio_Lassie (Inspire board) has been in home Hospice for a month now. Her goal is to journal the details of the last leg of her journey, if it does turn out to be worst case scenario. I'm impressed and surprised because Inspire is a very different dynamic-mostly posters who are less receptive to end stage discussions. I think it's great that she has decided to share this most personal part of life with us.



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    There was a gal
    on one of my other boards that did a daily journal until the end. Reading it daily almost felt like entering a sacred place, and at the same time it was the same way that she had always shared, and was very natural. It reminded me of the truth, that we die the same way we live, and was actually beautiful and encouraging to me.
    Thanks for letting us know, I haven't been keeping up with the Inspire board much lately, but will check this out.
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    Location of Inspire Board
    Is this another cancer discussion board? What is the web site address? Thanks so much.